33-ият конгрес на Европейската група по детско затлъстяване ще се проведе от 8 до 10 октомври 2024 в Гент, Белгия.

33-ият конгрес на Европейската група по детско затлъстяване ще се проведе от 8 до 10 октомври 2024 в Гент, Белгия.

We extend a warm invitation to the upcoming ECOG 2024 congress, scheduled for October 8-9-10, 2024. This congress will be hosted in the historic city of Ghent, in Belgium.
The program will be thoughtfully designed to delve into a wide array of fresh insights pertaining to our collective mission of guiding children and adolescents with obesity, alongside their families, toward sustainable weight management or averting the development of chronic weight issues among the youth.

Drawing from Ghent University’s rich tradition of embracing a multidisciplinary approach to childhood obesity, and building upon the wisdom gleaned from experts across various fields, our scientific committee is crafting an engaging program to share with all of you.

In response to the overarching question, „Can we do more?“ we have allocated a significant portion of
the program to encompass lectures, workshops, and skill-building sessions, all centred around critical aspects of best practices within our domain. This includes exploring questions such as: What constitutes healthy dietary habits, and how can we instil a wholesome lifestyle in families, children, and older adolescents? What is the latest knowledge on shifting sedentary habits toward sustainable and increased physical activities for this demographic? What unique roles do pediatricians and psychologists play in this context?

Furthermore, our program also dedicates space to the examination of novel policies and preventive measures from different countries, taking into account the perspective of the World Health Organization (WHO). We will also delve into additional interventions, such as AOM, designed for individuals grappling with severe obesity when lifestyle modifications alone prove insufficient. The Bijloke conference venue is onveniently located near the picturesque ‘Leie’ river, just a 15-minute journey from the local train station or the enchanting old city. Hotel Opera can be reached with a brief 10-minute walk, while Hotel Cathedral is a 25-minute stroll away, or you can opt for Tram 1. Ghent enjoys excellent accessibility by train, being only 30 minutes away from Brussels, Bruges, and Antwerp.

We wholeheartedly invite professionals from all walks of life who are passionate about addressing CHILDHOOD OBESITY, regardless of their career stage, to join us at the ECOG 2024 conference and consider submitting an abstract.


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Prof. Dr. Caroline Braet Prof. Dr. David Thivel
Chair of the Organizing Committee President of ECOG